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The Right Dentures for You in North Edmonton

No matter how old you are, missing teeth can cause problems for your health and appearance. If you’re tired of hiding your smile or chewing on one side of your mouth, you should consider dentures. North Edmonton’s Oxford Dental offers dentures to patients of all ages.

We create comfortable dentures that are stable, fit well, and allow for normal mouth function. Dentures will help you chew more normally, allow for clearer speech, and eliminate the appearance of a sunken face. With dentures from our North Edmonton clinic, you’ll have a full smile that you can feel proud of once again.

Types of Dentures in North Edmonton

There are several types of dentures, each meeting the different needs of an individual. If you’re only missing a few teeth, a partial denture is perfect for you. If you no longer have any teeth on your top and/or bottom jaw, complete conventional dentures are a great option. If you have a healthy jawbone and want a sturdier tooth replacement solution, then dentures over implants are the way to go.

  • Partial dentures – The gaps left behind by missing teeth can cause your remaining teeth to shift into space. This leads to crooked teeth, difficulties eating, and other potential problems. A great way to replace just a few missing teeth is a partial denture. Removable and made of acrylic or other material, partial dentures can fill a small gap in your smile to prevent big problems down the road.
  • Complete conventional dentures – While complete dentures can replace all of your teeth, they can also just replace the teeth on your top or bottom arch. Conventional dentures are one type of complete dentures. They involve removing any remaining teeth, then allowing the gums to heal before placement . These dentures are very accurate to your mouth’s shape but will leave you without teeth for a short time.
  • Complete immediate dentures – Another type of complete dentures are immediate dentures. These are used in the interim after your teeth are removed but before your conventional denture is placed. Immediate dentures are placed the same day of your extraction. They are a temporary solution that ensures you never go without teeth.
  • Dentures over implants – Also called over-dentures, dentures over implants are complete dentures that are considered more stable than other types. Implants are titanium screws that get fused to your jawbone. They act as an artificial tooth root, enabling your dentures to fit very securely. The denture itself is attached to the implants. They are still removable and they can be more comfortable than other dentures.

Contact Us for Dentures in North Edmonton

Every individual has different dental needs to ensure a happy, healthy smile. At Oxford Dental we understand, which is why we offer so many types of dentures. Because each case is different, the fabrication time for each set of dentures will vary. However, you can typically expect four visits to our office over a three-week period to create your dentures.

With proper care and cleaning, your dentures should fit properly for years to come. Relines and repairs are sometimes necessary as regular maintenance, but with the proper care your dentures will provide a reliable, beautiful smile. Contact our office to learn more about dentures in North Edmonton.