Mild Sedation Dentistry in North Edmonton

One of the friendly services we offer here at Oxford Dental Office is mild sedation dentistry for North Edmonton. We highly recommend this mild form of sedation for patients who feel nervous or frightened by dental procedures. Don’t worry; this type of sedation doesn’t come with the dangers of a general anesthetic (or being “put to sleep”); this type of sedation puts you into a daydream-like state through the use of nitrous oxide, otherwise known as “laughing gas.” This means you can still respond to questions but will be so relaxed that you will have minimal nervousness or anxiety.

The Sedation Dentist Edmonton Relaxes With

What does a visit to a sedation dentist involve? When you’re in the dental chair, we’ll put a mask over your face, which allows you to breathe nitrous oxide gas (also known as laughing gas) mixed with oxygen. You’ll begin to feel less nervous and will soon begin to feel completely calm. In the end, you are likely not to remember much about the procedure. Our sedation dentists in Edmonton will monitor you and control the amount of sedation you receive, so you’ll get just as much as you need. Some patients need only minimal sedation to relax them, while others may prefer a greater level of conscious sedation.

Certified in Sedation 

Here at Oxford Dental Office, we specialize in sedation dentistry for adults and children; meaning that both our dentists and our hygienists are certified in sedation. This means that you can always feel safe in your hands, knowing that your pain will be controlled during a procedure without the dangers that come with a general anesthetic. Although the effects of sedation wear off quickly once you’re no longer breathing the gas, if you plan to take advantage of our sedation dentistry, please arrange for a ride home with someone else.