Oral healthcare problems and discomfort can be extremely irritating. Your mouth is used frequently for communication, eating and expression throughout your day. This means that any issues are quickly noticeable and can disrupt your regular routine. Dry mouth is a common oral health issue that people of all ages face. Sometimes it is difficult to determine the cause. If you have been suffering from dry mouth for an extended period of time or have recently developed the symptoms, contact your dentist in north Edmonton for professional treatment. Self-diagnosis is helpful and paying attention to your body is paramount, but you can’t replace the expert advice and treatment of a dental professional. Our team at Oxford Dental can determine the cause and solution to your uncomfortable dry mouth problem.

All About Dry Mouth

Dry mouth as it is commonly known, or xerostomia as it is technically named, can cause pain and embarrassment. Here are some things you need to know about dry mouth:

  1. Medication: Closely consider which medications you are taking. There are over 400 that are known to cause dry mouth. Everything from antihistamines to depression prescriptions and high blood pressure pills can lead to this unfortunate side effect.
  2. Disease: If you have been diagnosed with diabetes or another disease, dry mouth may be an uncomfortable bodily reaction. Cancer treatments may also lead to xerostomia.
  3. Changes: Women who are going through menopause or people who experience nerve damage may also have an onset of a pasty or sticky mouth.
  4. Root Cause: No matter what the reason, all people who suffer have saliva glands that are not active enough.
  5. Risks: Saliva is extremely important for cleaning teeth, keeping oral tissues moist, and preventing tooth decay. Those who have dry mouth could end up having a hard time chewing, tasting and enjoying their foods. Your dry mouth may also cause a scratchy throat and dry, cracked or chapped lips. These painful symptoms are often accompanied by a raspy or hoarse sounding voice and bad breath.
  6. Treatment: Certain lifestyle choices will reduce your suffering. Avoid caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and carbonated drinks that can lead to further dehydration and a dry oral cavity. Spicy or salty foods may irritate your mouth, and sweet sticky foods are more likely to stick to teeth, thus causing bacteria and cavities to develop. Brush your teeth immediately after indulging, if you must. Do not use mouthwash or other products that contain drying alcohol, and drink water or chew sugarless gum often to promote adequate levels of saliva production.

Oxford Dental can guide you to the right solution for your dry mouth condition. With lifestyle choices and professional dental healthcare advice, you will be able to overcome your dry mouth and improve your overall oral health. Contact us today to feel comfortable and show the world your smile – not worry about keeping it moist! We can provide you with advice for your special dental healthcare concerns as well as general dentistry services in north Edmonton. We are accepting new patients of all ages and would love to provide treatment for your entire family.

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